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Self-Care: How to Look After Yourself

Personal and team resilience and preventing burnout.

How to Have Hard Conversations

From negotiating workload to a promotion, tools that can help.

Connected and Resilient Teams

Feel genuinely connected to your colleagues and build trust in the age of hybrid working.

Negotiation & Boundaries

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Own Your Power & Assertive Communication

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Self-care: How to look after yourself

Whether you’re feeling anxious, grateful, content or somewhere in between - working on your self-care is essential, especially right now. You told us a workshop on practical self-care is something that would really help at the moment.

Join us for a 60-minute online workshop from the comfort of your own home. It will be welcoming, fun, helpful and worth your time now and the future.

We will:

  • Learn about what self-care is (and isn’t!)

  • Identify your daily and emergency self-care needs

  • Create an individual, practical and realistic self-care plan (if you have one ready, review and re-assess your self-care in a time of COVID-19)

  • Connect, learn & share for others in the Yes Get It community

Grab your favourite beverage of choice and join us, we're looking forward to connecting with you!

*Pricing: We know this is a challenging financial time for many people. If you'd like to join and are not in a financial position to do so, please reach out to and we will work with you


Preventing & Beating Burnout this International Women's Day

Workshop - Thur March 12, 6.30-9pm, Melbourne CBD

This International Women's Day we're saying saying bye to burnout and trading it in for healthy, delicious & long-term success.

  • Have you tried the 'hustle & grind' approach to life and realised it's exhausting? 

  • Ever experienced that feeling of only having a little bit (or nothing) left in the tank after a hectic time at work or in life?

There’s a better way to get what you want than feeling tired & overwhelmed. Join us for a workshop on preventing and beating burnout in a fun, supportive and practical environment.  

You will:

  • Walk away with your own burnout prevention plan with practical strategies to prevent and deal with burnout

  • Learn from amazing business, corporate and social impact leaders (including the Founder of Mingle Seasoning), about what's worked for them

  • Be treated to nourishing snacks, tasty Mingle mixes & drinks

  • Have a chance to win delightful door prizes

  • Meet other amazing women & connect with a powerful community of support


Gather your friends and join us for this unique was to celebrate International Women's Day. Tickets are LIMITED, so add it to your calendar now and join us.

PAST WORKSHOP: 'Say yes to saying no' & the power of boundaries

Workshop - Oct 31, 6.30-9.00pm, Melbourne

alyce alexandra HQ

417 City Road, South Melbourne 3205

Discover the power of being able to say ‘no’ and setting work and personal boundaries.

  • Ever find yourself saying yes to something (or someone), when you really want to say no, and then feel resentful?

  • Do you struggle to put yourself first, or stick to your boundaries?

  • Are you looking to find the balance between work and taking care of yourself?


6.30pm, Thursday Oct 31, 2019

Dessert & tea provided

Spaces are very limited! 

What you'll get out of this workshop:

  • Real and tangible tools for saying no that you can implement straight away to be happier, healthier & feel more free

  • Discover your values, boundaries and the secrets to sticking to them

  • Hear real-life stories from other women about what's worked for them in an intimate & relaxed setting

  • A delicious grazing table of desserts & kombucha, sparkling water & organic tea

  • Lucky door prizes from alyce alexandra, Mingle Seasoning & Dilly's Collections

The feedback from this workshop has been incredible in the past, and we’re excited to share this with you! This is Part 1 of our 'Yes to Negotiation' series. 


Workshop - June 5, 6.30-9pm, Melbourne

One Roof Co-working & Event Space

79 City Road, Southbank 3006

  • We may be more connected than ever through email, Instagram and Facebook - yet as human beings we crave in-person connections. 

  • This workshop focuses on building authentic & deep connections

  • Practice powerful and simple methods to connect with people at work and in your personal life, and see the difference in meetings, negotiations and conversations

  • Learn the practical skills of deep listening and understanding others

  • Discover ways to cultivate happiness and success by connecting with others and yourself.


6.30pm, Wednesday June 5, 2019

Arrival - 6.30pm

Workshop starts – 7pm sharp


• Workshop with experienced facilitators, focusing on boosting happiness, communication and connection with the important people in your life

• Worksheets and resources

• Delicious snacks & drinks

• A warm, friendly and supportive environment


Vision & Goal Setting Workshop - May 9, Melbourne

One Roof Coworking & Event Space

79 City Road, Southbank 3006

Facilitated by Yes Get It CEO & Founder, Helen Babb

We can't wait to see you!

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