Are you looking to make real change in diversity, equity and inclusion at your organisation?

We specialise in working with organisations to help them drive greater innovation, employee performance and customer outcomes by using diversity, equity and inclusion as tools.



  • Work with product teams and corporate social responsibility teams who recognise that customer experience and user experience needs to include customers from diverse backgrounds

  • Work with leadership and human resources teams to improve employee engagement, employee retention and employee value proposition in a competitive market

  • Work with leadership and human resources teams on inclusive leadership, innovative leadership, cultural inclusion and psychological safety


What does this look like?

We start by understanding your unique goals and challenges first. We prefer an approach that is tailored to you, rather than offering you cookie-cutter solutions. We use frameworks, credible research and understandings of human behaviour to find actionable solutions that improve employee, customer and leadership experiences.

Based on this, we may:

  • Evaluate your existing actions and results regarding diversity, equity and inclusion 

  • Clarify what your organisation needs and what will make the most impact

  • Co-create and use stakeholder engagement to inform your goals

  • Create solid foundations for change with a strategy, framework and/or realistic action plan

  • Determine how we measure if things are working, or if changes need to be made

  • Constantly evaluate, iterate and improve

What is your approach?

Helen is a culture change specialist with experience in the United States and Australia, working with organisations from small not-for-profits to large corporates. 


Yes Get It targets three main levers for real-life and measurable change:

  • The head (world-class research and facts)

  • The heart (human behaviour and leadership)

  • How things really happen (processes and systems)

Do you offer keynotes, programs and workshops? 

As part our our work we can use leadership programs and workshops on topics like:

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Imposter syndrome/feelings, confidence, women in leadership and authentic leadership

  • Team building, new ways of hybrid working and returning to the office

  • Career planning, purpose and passion 

  • Communication within teams and internal/external stakeholders

  • Resilience, self-care planning and burnout prevention

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