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Day 1 - Just Get Started (8 Days to a Great 2019)

Is this you, starting your 2019 journey? Or is this a hiking goal of yours?

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means making a fresh crack at planning what we want for 2019.

But where do you start? Here's an easy 8 day process for getting you off on the right foot – 8 Days to a Great 2019. Complete these simple and fast exercises over the next 8 days, and start your year off with your own direction, power and confidence.

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Why "Day 1 - Just Get Started?"

Sometimes getting started on planning your whole year can feel overwhelming. Especially if you err on the side of wanting everything to be perfect (ahem, me). I promise it’s not that scary, that’s why we’re here to break it down.

What can I do today?

Step 1: Embrace the magic of now

“What is magical is our mind’s capacity to create new narratives for ourselves, and look for events as an opportunity to change the narrative” says Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit” in the New York Times.

In an earlier part of this quote, he’s saying the New Year isn’t magic, but I’m going to disagree whole heartedly with you Charles. When you’re creating new possibilities for yourself and your year, it IS magical!

So embrace the magic of right now, January 2019. It might be just a date, but it's the perfect date to get started on your vision.

Step 2: Honour yourself by giving the time, space and tools to document your vision for 2019

Magic is awesome, and you also need to put some practical things in place to get things done.

  • Schedule in the time when you will work on your vision – will you do it each morning? Each evening? Or maybe save it all up for the weekend?

  • Make sure you won't be distracted by phones or interruptions when you are doing it.

  • Set yourself up with the right tools. If you love notebooks, grab yourself a new one, or a piece of A3 paper, or create a new Pinterest board. Just make sure you know it’s FRESH for your fresh start to the year.

I personally love an A3 sheet of paper and lots of colourful pens so I can draw, or stick pictures onto paper. And since I'm a romantic at heart, I literally write “my vision for 2019” and draw some lovehearts around it

Step 3: Switch your brain on to what you want for 2019

Get mindful to what is 'possible' and not 'that's impossible':

  • What’s an idea that keeps popping into your head, and you think you couldn't possibly do it?

  • What ideas EXCITE you for 2019, that you're almost too scared to say out loud?

  • What do you see and feel jealous of, because you want it for yourself?

Get your brain churning to what’s possible in your dreams, so you can make them a reality.

TL;DR - Actions for today:

  • Get over your reasons/fears/excuses and just get started TODAY

  • Schedule in time, make the space, and get the tools to begin your vision. Write down ‘My vision for 2019’

  • Switch your brain to the mode of ‘what’s possible’ and out of ‘that’s impossible’

How are you finding this process so far? Share with us on Facebook (Yes Get It) & Instagram (@yes.get.it) - we'd love to hear!

You've got this,

Helen X

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