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Day 3 - Create a Theme (8 Days to a Great 2019)

What rhymes with theme? Queen, bean, sunscreen... Photo cred: Hannah Olinger

Why "Day 3 - Create a Theme"?

Like anything, having a major theme or overarching goal for 2019 will help keep things moving. Even if one particular habit or exact goal doesn’t end up working for a time, you can do something along the same lines and still be killin' it.

Here's an example:

  • You want to be more mindful and healthy this year, and your goal is to go to yoga three times a week

  • Things happen, and you can't make an in person class - BUT you can do yoga at home, stretch before bed, or meditate instead!

  • You're are still being more mindful and healthy (yay theme), so it's a smooth transition for when you get back to yoga class. More empowerment, less guilt, more actions.

What can I do today?

Step 1: Pick a theme based on your visioning from Day 2

Look back at what you wrote down for your vision. Is there a particular idea coming through strongly? What would inspire you throughout the year? Practice telling people or yourself until it feels right and you get excited about it.

My theme for 2019 is adventure – giving things a shot! Within that I see lots of room for experimentation, and not letting anything hold me back from trying new things in business, food, travel, and new experiences etc. The "8 Days for a Great 2019" is exactly that!

Step 2: Set it and don't forget it

Once you have your theme, write it down, represent it and share it. A LOT. Some ideas:

  • Write it on Post-It notes, at the front of your journal, on your vision board

  • Make it an alert in your phone every day

  • Is there an image that conjures that up for you? Make it your screensaver on your phone, desktop or other devices.

  • Share it with at least 5 important people in your life

Let it inspire you everyday and make sure you don’t forget it.

TL;DR - Actions for today:

  • Pick a theme for 2019 based on your vision - best if it's relatively short, easy to remember and exciting for you

  • Note it down so you won't miss it - in your room, on your phone, on your desktop, in your journal.

  • Share it with important people in your life

How did you go with your theme? Care to share? I can't wait to hear it.

You've got this,

Helen X

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