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Day 4 - Get Specific (8 Days to a Great 2019)

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Why "Day 4 - Get Specific"?

Now that you have the big ideas and a theme, it's time get specific about them. I suggest you have one goal that you aim do within a week, and another in the next month. Completing the process for both will give you the boost do you know that your goals are totally do-able. Hot tip: It doesn’t have to be the biggest one, make it a small one first!

What can I do today?

Step 1: Get SMARTIE

SMARTIE goals are basically a way to make your goals actionable and achievable. When writing out a goal, use this as a guide:

Overall goal:





Time sensitive:


Exciting to you:

Here’s an example of mine:

Overall goal: Read more books and learn more about gender equality, leadership & productivity

Specific: Set up an Excel spreadsheet & system so that I can note down essential learnings from the books.

Measurable: Yep, the spreadsheet existing and actually using it

Actionable: Schedule time to set up the spreadsheet and test it with the first book

Realistic/relevant: Definitely

Time sensitive: I gave myself 3 days to do this

Inspiring: Yes! Now I don’t have to think “will I remember the most important parts of this book?!” anymore

Exciting to you: Absolutely, I’m planning to share the learnings here and use it as part of program content

Step 2: Get Shortie

  • This process doesn’t have to take too long - using the SMARTIE goals process, you can write these out relatively fast. Remember, you can adapt them if you need to - they don't have to be perfect.

  • Do yourself a big favour and bang one out in the next week – it will feel SO GOOD

  • TL;DR - Actions for today:

  • Looking at your theme and vision - pick one goal for this week, and one for this month, to practice on.

  • Use the SMARTIE goals process for them

  • Put into action what you need to start making a move on one this week - it will feel so good!

Have you heard of or tried this process before? We're interested to hear your feedback!

You've got this,

Helen X

Resources: There are a lot of resources on SMARTIE goals, this business example may be helpful and this from a science perspective.

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