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Day 5 - Identify & Deal (8 Days to a Great 2019)

Why "Day 5 - Identify & deal with potential barriers"?

Sometimes life happens, and things will come up. Identifying potential obstacles earlier and having a plan to overcome them is the way to go. Make sure to practice self-love with yourself

What can I do today?

Step 1: Get Honest

For each of the goals you’re working on over the week (we suggested trying 1-2), what is likely to trip you up? Be honest. What shows up here will probably be true for a lot in your life. This is all totally ok, but knowing what might come up allows you to create a work around in advance and can set you up to overcome any barriers early.

A few that came up for me when I was planning for my book review system were:

  • I don’t have enough time

  • Don’t know how to do it “perfectly”

  • What if I miss some books?!

Step 2: Make a plan to deal with it

Here is the system I used to overcome the challenges I identified:

  • I don’t have enough time = Schedule 30 mins into my calendar

  • Don’t know how to do it “perfectly” = Healthy self-talk: who cares? You’re the only one looking at it, and it’s an experiment. You can do it anyway!

  • What if I miss some books?! = Healthy self-talk: the theme of the year of the year is adventure and testing, go for it!

The only person you can be is yourself - so knowing yourself and owning it is a great way to get you where you want to go.

TL;DR - Actions for today:

  • What’s going to trip you up? Get honest

  • What will you do or say to overcome this, when it comes up?

You’ve got this!

Helen X

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