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Day 7 - Get Set for Success (8 Days to a Great 2019)

Successful hug - check!

Why "Day 7 - Get Set for Success"?

Setting yourself up for success isn't just about planning & rewards (though they are really important!), it's also making sure your environment and people around you are supporting you too. We can't do this alone, so now's the time to put things in place.

What can I do today?

Step 1: Share your commitments with others

This is a really important step, and can be quite scary. That's ok! By putting out what you really want and are committing to, it makes it more real and also harder to back out of. Just remember that sharing them doesn't mean that you've done them yet (makes logical sense but the brain might try and tell you otherwise).

I’m going to give my example - I'm committing to running a 14km race in May 2019. Ah, now you know!

Step 2: Ask people for help & to hold you to account

You can't rely only on your friends/family/colleagues to hold you to your word, but it can help. Explain why this goal is important to you, what actions you're taking, and ask for their support even if future-you might try to get out of it. They may be able to give you the advice or connections you need to make things a reality.

And thank them in advance for the attitude you're going to give them when they hold you to account.

Step 3: What else can help to make this happen?

Think - what else can you do make this goal easier to achieve? Maybe it's opening that new savings account, or shutting something else down, or setting an alarm once a week when you will [insert your goal here] so you can't ignore it.⠀

Whatever you can do to make this easier to achieve, put it in place now so you have as smooth a path as possible. We're here to support you all the way, how can we help?

You've got this,

Helen X

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