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Day 8 - Celebrate, practice patience & self-love

Why "Day 8 - Celebrate your wins, practice patience & practice self love"?

We made it to Day 8 of the 8 day challenge, yay! This message might be easy for some, and hard for others, but it's essential. To set yourself for a great 2019, you must celebrate all of the wins, even the small ones! Why? Because science and science.

“Celebration is one of the emotions that propel people further on the path of positive habits,” said Dr. McGonigal [in the New York Times]. Celebrating tells your brain a behavior is beneficial, and that it should look for more opportunities to engage in it.

What can I do today?

Step 1: Be patient with yourself and practice self love

If you don’t do something when you intended, accept it and move forward. Don't dwell on it, make yourself wrong, or give yourself a hard time. Real determination is not letting it hold you back from what you really want.

Try to understand why it happened so you understand for next time – did you go shopping on an empty stomach and spend more than you wanted on groceries? Been there! Next time I’ll make sure to eat food first. Did you miss a morning meditation because you went to bed too late? Also been there! I’ll put an alert in my calendar to go to bed earlier.

Step 2: Experiment

See what works for you, and what doesn’t. Keep testing and trying until you get a good fit. You can't spell growth without GO, so give it a shot!

Step 3: Celebrate the big and small wins!

This is a must! It doesn't have to be extravagant, but you need to mark the accomplishment. Send that person who’s been holding you to account a celebration message, check the box on your to-do list, or do a celebration dance. You can always tell us on the Yes Get It Facebook or Instagram page! Whatever you do, don’t let a good chance to celebrate pass you by.

TL;DR - Actions for today:

  • Be patient with yourself and practice self love - don't let making yourself wrong hold you back

  • Experiment to see what works for you

  • CELEBRATE the small and big wins - it's backed by science and will propel you further

It's been fantastic to spend these 8 days with you, and support you as you go after what you really want for your life. Stay in touch by signing up to our email list, and on social media.

As always - you've got this!

Helen X

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