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You can do it! Three ways to make it to the end of 2021 and feel good.

If you’re feeling stressed, excited or crawling to the end of the year (or all three), you’re not alone. Everyone I’ve spoken to feels a bit overwhelmed by the amount of holiday socialising, upcoming events and lengthy to-do lists.

Here's what I wrote for myself as a way to manage this hectic period. After talking to lots of people in the same boat, I thought it might be useful to share.

1. Look after your mind & body - complete the stress cycle:

You might have seen I posted recently about how to complete the stress cycle. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a read. The summary is: Do at least 20 mins a day of something that gets you breathing deeply. Top tip is physical exercise (plus you get some nice endorphins!), another is meditation.

It’s so easy to drop healthy habits and routines at this time of year. You’ve probably worked hard all year creating good habits. Maybe it’s reducing your time on social media, getting into a good sleep pattern or eating well. Don’t let it stop now! Looking after yourself allows you to be present for family and friends, and see out 2021 well.

Here's what I'm doing: Every morning I do some type of movement that makes me breathe deeply. It might be a walk with a friend, a workout, or YouTube dance workouts that I've found and love! I also meditate each morning(ish).

2. Prioritise in four steps:

I was really stumped when a mentor shared this phrase with me: “If everything is important, nothing is important”. I'm the type of person who thinks LOTS of things are important. This often trips me up as I put too many actions on my 'to do' list and feel disappointed (or I disappoint others) when I can't do them all.

I often use the Eisenhower urgent/important matrix when I'm stuck. It helps me work out what needs to be done today and what can be scheduled, delegated or dropped (!). I often draw this up by hand at start of the day (or week), and re-jig it any time I cross something off. Ps. Aim not to have more than 8 things in each section.

Here's what I'm doing: This is literally my matrix for today (written at 9am this morning on a piece of scrap paper). I think technically you're meant to do one for work, one for personal life, but today I did them combined.

3. Done is better than perfect, reduce your mental load and lower your expectations:

Once you’ve decided what’s actually important, reduce your mental load (I sometimes call this life admin). One of the Yes Get It values is ‘progress over perfection’. Closely related is ‘done is better than perfect’. At this time of year I think I need to find the perfect gift, wear the perfect outfit or write the perfect email. You can’t do it all perfectly because it's impossible! Take time to decide what ‘good’ looks like and lower your expectations of yourself and others.

Here's what I'm doing (going from ‘perfect’ to ‘good’):

  • Buying some biscuits and chocolates to bring to a gathering, rather than making a cake from scratch

  • Getting in a 20-min walk when I can, rather than beating myself up about not having an hour

  • Doing 15 mins of a fast clean rather than a ‘perfect’ one

  • Buying, making and re-gifting pretty good presents, rather than perfect ones

  • Suggesting a walk & talk on the phone, rather than an in-person catch up if I have too many things on in one day

  • Artfully saying no to things that I can't take on, or letting people know I can only stay for X amount of time at a party

There are lots of other great things that also help - reflection, meditation, practicing gratitude. I'd love to hear what works for you.

I hope you have a healthy & happy festive season. Thanks for a cracker of a year (in more ways than one!). I'm excited for what 2022 will bring for us all.

You've got this,


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