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What are our workshop & program participants saying? 

"I now feel I have the confidence to ask for what I really want"

- Stephanie

"I'm about to start a new job! [This] helped build my confidence to chase after this"

- Kate

"Helen is an absolute delight. From the get go, she created a welcoming, calm and inclusive environment which allowed the participants to authentically and fully engage, while setting a tone of trust. This cut through the Zoom fatigue and saw the participants engage fully. Helen had the perfect balance of theory, discussion and workshop, with useful and relevant resources that participants confirmed they'd use again. We received excellent feedback, both on Helen as a presenter, and on the utility of the workshop. I wouldn't hesitate to engage Helen or Yes Get It again in the future, and look forward to inviting her back to present in future programs."

       - Ashleigh, Raise Our Voice Australia

What are our individual coaching clients saying? 

“I had one-on-one coaching with Helen over three months and I’m so glad I did.  I’d never done coaching before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew during our first session that this was the right choice.  Helen’s exercises helped me identify what areas of my career and life I wanted to work on, and practical ways to make positive changes.  We took the time to discover my strengths, values and what is really important to me.  We created my Compass – a practical and personalised guide I can refer to in complex work and life situations.  The practical tools we worked on have significantly reduced my stress.  I’ve made more time for myself (something I thought was almost impossible!).  I’ve been able to connect more with myself, make better use of my time and as a result, have had better connections with loved ones and been able to be a better version of myself when I’m with them.  

Helen guided me through shifts in my mindset and behaviours that were small and manageable, and yet they’ve had a major positive impact on my life.  Helen is such a kind, authentic and talented coach. She helped me so much and made me feel comfortable and validated.  Working with Helen was just what I needed to help me set a clear vision for what I want and who I am.  After my coaching, I feel more resilient, calm, courageous and excited about the future!” - Rachel