Hi I'm Helen, Founder & CEO of Yes Get It

Yes Get It is a social enterprise that works for a world where women and historically marginalised people are skilled-up and supported to thrive at work and in life.

As a young woman, I was doing a lot of ‘life’ things at once – realising that practicing law wasn't for me, working in a corporate job, switching track to another field entirely, moving countries, starting & ending relationships etc. Through all of this, I wasn’t clear exactly on who I was, and what I wanted for my life.

I didn’t know where I was going and how to make these big life decisions – and talking to my friends, I realised I wasn’t alone.

I went searching for a solution. The only thing I could find for my personal needs were a) location-based women's organisations 2) reading books & seeing a therapist 3) an executive coach I couldn't afford. I explored more, and shared the process with my community of amazing strong women. As I was growing, so were the people around me.

I realised - the ONLY way we could figure out what we wanted for a fulfilling life and how to do it, was doing the work and sharing with others.

With that, we can all have the confidence and clarity to figure out who we want to be, and what we want for our lives.

When I moved back to Australia, I created a small group of 15 women to share experiences, become more self-aware, live into their visions and support each other in doing just that. I wanted to guide others on how they could also come to their own sense of purpose, confidence and clarity.

The group grew and bloomed, with people saying sessions “gave me permission to look after me and my needs” and feel more powerful in everything from salary negotiations and finding jobs, to relationships.

I saw an opportunity to grow this further, and scale it locally and globally. I started interviewing women in-depth, and a resounding 100% of them identified the same problem and wished for a solution.


That’s why I created Yes Get It – a community of women, with tangible tools for self-awareness, reflection, power and strength.


A way for women to share, create and be their own guides.